Fit Woman with Headphones

"Nardia brings a power-driven vibe to her classes, with a Master in Exercise Science and years of experience under her belt as a personal trainer and group exercise coach. Nardia will have you feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered to reach your goals. She will get you up and moving!"


Hi all and Welcome #GETUPNATION LIVE! I am excited to have you here. Some workouts are FREE and streamed via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and  Twitter/Periscope.


Join me the #GetupNationSquad and also gained access to exclusive LIVE workouts and group workouts and ZOOM workouts for a fun interactive (face-to-face) experience. What's great about face-to-face video group training, is that  I am able to see you, correct form, and ask for modifications. Join me and others as able to build a new relationship while getting fit together.

...I look forward to virtually meeting you.

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